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C02 on the rise, but what does this mean? ?>

C02 on the rise, but what does this mean?

With the increase in C02 Levels we will see a rise or decline in global temperatures, with some countries getting hotter and others colder with the influx of random weather patterns that is steadily increasing across the globe. This means that we will have more extreme weather conditions and global effects; like floods, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters amplified by the effect of the rising C02 levels. We can combat the rise in the C02 levels by thinking smart…

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Understanding Climate Change ?>

Understanding Climate Change

We all know that the weather changes, one minute we look outside and it is pouring with rain, then perhaps 10 minutes later we’re presented with a rainbow and nearly blue sky. Weather changes fast, and so too does the climate. The temperature of the earth has been increasing for years, and this is essentially what we call global warming. So what does it mean? Well it doesn’t mean sunny weather and exotic surroundings outside our front door. Instead it…

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