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Modern patio trends ?>

Modern patio trends

Lots of people use awnings in their houses to achieve various design or functional goals. On average, the use of these coverings has been on a steep decline since the early 20th century. The trend has however been somewhat under revival in the 21st century. This is mainly due to the evolution of technology and industrial innovations that have allowed for the creation of modern awnings of different capabilities. Many modern restaurants particularly use the coverings because of the convenience…

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What are the Benefits of High Speed Doors in Commercial Premises? ?>

What are the Benefits of High Speed Doors in Commercial Premises?

High speed automatic doors London are becoming common in many businesses and industries and this is not without reason. These doors have many benefits to offer all who use them. Before looking at these benefits it is important to understand how these doors work. They are operated by a system that enables the door to be opened automatically. They sense movement and respond by opening. The speed at which the door opens is faster than that of the average door…

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C02 on the rise, but what does this mean? ?>

C02 on the rise, but what does this mean?

With the increase in C02 Levels we will see a rise or decline in global temperatures, with some countries getting hotter and others colder with the influx of random weather patterns that is steadily increasing across the globe. This means that we will have more extreme weather conditions and global effects; like floods, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters amplified by the effect of the rising C02 levels. We can combat the rise in the C02 levels by thinking smart…

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Waxworms Which Can Decompose Plastic ?>

Waxworms Which Can Decompose Plastic

Recycling is a massive issue, particularly when it comes to plastic. This is because plastic doesn’t really decompose, with some of them estimated to take many thousands of years to completely disappear. Because plastic can’t be decomposed, it being in the environment is a big concern because nothing has evolved to be able to deal with it. If it gets in the food chain it can cause a variety of diseases, including cancer, because nothing has adapted to it. We’ve…

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The Yellow Fever Find ?>

The Yellow Fever Find

It has recently been reported that picking up early signs of yellow fever, an infectious disease which can be fatal, could lead to a new treatment and better diagnosis. The journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases scientists looked at the effects of macaques, giving a control group the virus and the vaccine to compare results. They found that within 24 hours, 90 percent of the animals’ white blood cells or lymphocytes had been lost in all 20 animals. It’s a big…

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