C02 on the rise, but what does this mean? ?>

C02 on the rise, but what does this mean?

With the increase in C02 Levels we will see a rise or decline in global temperatures, with some countries getting hotter and others colder with the influx of random weather patterns that is steadily increasing across the globe. This means that we will have more extreme weather conditions and global effects; like floods, drought, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters amplified by the effect of the rising C02 levels.

We can combat the rise in the C02 levels by thinking smart and doing more to protect our environment; find cleaner sources of fuels and reduce our carbon footprint by using less energy in our homes. We can do this buy replacing the technology we have in our homes with green technology that has a lower carbon footprint, and turning off lights and electrical appliances that would otherwise be left on randomly or on standby; powering off the media equipment in your home like the T.V, instead of leaving the red standby light on will help reduce the carbon footprint even if on a very small scale.

We also have other toxins pumped into the air from our cars like carbon monoxide, as well as the C02 from the combustion of fossil fuels; we don’t yet have a full solution to the problem of combustion engines, other than using hybrid vehicles for both long and short distance travelling. Electric cars are an ideal solution for short term driving within a city, but they are not viable for extended usage during the day or for longer journeys; for now hybrids are the next step forward and eventually we can find a cleaner and more reliable power source for cars without internal combustion engines that have a lower carbon footprint.