Is There a Proven Treatment Against Coronavirus Yet? ?>

Is There a Proven Treatment Against Coronavirus Yet?

After over a year of dealing with COVID-19, many people are starting to wonder if there are any proven treatments that seem to be effective against Coronavirus. The answer is yes, there are two medications that seem to have some impact on COVID, but still no ‘magic bullet’. Respiratory infections have always been quite difficult to fight against and none of them seem to have a ‘magic bullet’ yet.

When it comes to fighting COVID-19 there is an expensive antiviral drug called Remdesivir that seems to help shorten the effects of coronavirus and hospital stays, but does not seem to have in any affect on the risk of dying. However, the inexpensive steroid called Dexamethasone seems to be the only medication, so far, that reduces the chances of patients dying from COVID.

These interesting findings, plus the pushing out of vaccinations seems to be giving everyone a glimmer of hope that things will be significantly improved in the near future.