Twitter users to make money from followers ?>

Twitter users to make money from followers

On Wednesday 1 September 2021 Twitter launched the long-awaited Super Follows function on the platform. This feature allows users to sell subscriptions for access to special content.

The idea is that influencers can offer behind the scenes content, early access and other perks for a monthly fee which will range from $3 – $10. Twitter is targeting influencers like activists, journalists, gamers, make up artists, writers, musicians and many more. 

Twitter has launched this new service to try and become the preferred social media platform for stars who want to earn additional income.

Twitter has said it will take no more than three percent as a transaction fee.  If a user earns $50,000 on the platform this transaction fee will rise to 20 percent.

Super Follows has been tested in North America with a small group of creators and will be rolled out globally to Apple users in the coming weeks. Android and website users will need to wait longer for this new feature to become available.

Twitter currently has over 200 million active users.