How Has the Boeing 777 Still Not Been Found? ?>

How Has the Boeing 777 Still Not Been Found?

There’s certainly been a lot of publicity over the last week for Malaysia Airlines, and not for the fight reasons. A missing Boeing 777 container 239 passengers has completely disappeared, and you’d think with all of the world’s modern technology that there would be some sign of wreckage.

It is definitely one of the most baffling mysteries ever, and many people are making a connection to the Bermuda Triangle. There has also been a connection to terrorism because 2 passengers had fake passports.

The longer the plane is missing the more confusion there will be but there the search is now expected to head over to the Indian Ocean, and but Malaysia needs to be doing much more. Science hints that the plan will be in an ocean somewhere, but there would still be signs of wreckage, and perhaps the search started a bit too late.