Is a Minimum Wage Rise a Must ?>

Is a Minimum Wage Rise a Must

There is endless talk about the minimum wage in the UK, only this week George Osborne said it would be ‘self defeating’ because it will end up meaning fewer jobs. Higher rates can potentially mean companies have less money to spend on additional employees, and rather than having 2 individuals on a low minimum wage, you can end up with one individual in work on a higher minimum wage and another without a job.

However, all jobs are significant in society today, every working individual has some type of function in society, and do they deserve £6.10 an hour? We’d argue, no people deserve more, we all deserve more, and pressure from labour can soon help see the minimum wage go up, but only by 50p.

It seems to be on the cards, and it marks an improvement, and surely a 50p can’t mean fewer jobs in society? Can it? Let us know what you think.