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A New 12-inch Macbook set for release ?>

A New 12-inch Macbook set for release

Apple’s computer products are, and have been, some of the most popular for quite some time. However, their prices may be considerably higher than those of windows, perhaps for the benefits of their software, yet that could change, well slightly. A12-inch MacBook is soon to to be released in the near future. It will become a new version of MacBook Air, yet it will not be called MacBook air. That is yet to be decided. So for those with tighter…

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Welcome to The Campaign for a Sane Earth Search for News on Politics, Education, Business, Philosphy, Science, Sustainability, Global Warming, and other Environment and Technology news in the UK and worldwide.  Other important subjects will also be tackled, particularly those where we, as a culture, are behaving stupidly. We think there is more than a small chance that the Human Race is heading for disaster, and if you think so too, once this website is updated you will be…

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