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Welcome to C-A-S-E.com

The Campaign for a Sane Earth

Search for News on Politics, Education, Business, Philosphy, Science, Sustainability, Global Warming, and other Environment and Technology news in the UK and worldwide.  Other important subjects will also be tackled, particularly those where we, as a culture, are behaving stupidly.

We think there is more than a small chance that the Human Race is heading for disaster, and if you think so too, once this website is updated you will be able to join us and add your comments too.

Even though it is going to be a tough, possibly impossible road to travel, we believe with work and a growing awareness we, as a race can survive this, our biggest test. We are determined not to just sit back and let it happen, and this website is part of our attempt to influence our evolutionary direction.

We can change.  We must change in order to grow up as a race, and we must take the rest of the inhabitants of the Earth with us.

In our universe it is likely every global civilisation and culture will have to successfully evolve through what we are now starting, so we should not be afraid.  If there are extra-terrestrial civilisations that have achieved inter-stellar space flight, they will have survived the same test.  Now it’s our turn.