Understanding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) ?>

Understanding Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

To be able to teach in a state-maintained school you need to have Qualified Teacher Status, and it can take quite a long time to become a fully qualified teacher. There are different stages an individual must go through before they can achieve QTS and you can take an initial period of teacher training (ITT). There are a formal set of skills and qualities required to be a teacher and the QTS is essentially a bare minimum for quality control….

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Is a Minimum Wage Rise a Must ?>

Is a Minimum Wage Rise a Must

There is endless talk about the minimum wage in the UK, only this week George Osborne said it would be ‘self defeating’ because it will end up meaning fewer jobs. Higher rates can potentially mean companies have less money to spend on additional employees, and rather than having 2 individuals on a low minimum wage, you can end up with one individual in work on a higher minimum wage and another without a job. However, all jobs are significant in…

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Understanding Climate Change ?>

Understanding Climate Change

We all know that the weather changes, one minute we look outside and it is pouring with rain, then perhaps 10 minutes later we’re presented with a rainbow and nearly blue sky. Weather changes fast, and so too does the climate. The temperature of the earth has been increasing for years, and this is essentially what we call global warming. So what does it mean? Well it doesn’t mean sunny weather and exotic surroundings outside our front door. Instead it…

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This Year’s most Photographed Location on Instagram ?>

This Year’s most Photographed Location on Instagram

The most photographed location on Instagram, to many people’s surprising, is a shopping mall in Bangkok. Instagram the social media photo and video sharing app named Siam Paragon as the most ‘instagrammed’ location in 2013, rather than landmarks like Central Parkin New York. There’s no doubt that Siam Paragon is a beautiful architectural building, and it certainly has a unique design. The high traffic area will have certainly played a part, and we feel its quite refreshing to have a…

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Has Cameron made Progress in 2013 ?>

Has Cameron made Progress in 2013

Christmas is a time to dwell on the year and think hard about the progress and the developments that have been made. Cameron feels as though the conservatives have overcome many challenges this year, and while there will be some who agree, there will be critics. With the election next year, things are beginning to heat-up, with each party leader trying to persuade the nation to vote for them. David Cameron has said that 2013 was year that saw the…

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