Waxworms Which Can Decompose Plastic ?>

Waxworms Which Can Decompose Plastic

Recycling is a massive issue, particularly when it comes to plastic. This is because plastic doesn’t really decompose, with some of them estimated to take many thousands of years to completely disappear. Because plastic can’t be decomposed, it being in the environment is a big concern because nothing has evolved to be able to deal with it. If it gets in the food chain it can cause a variety of diseases, including cancer, because nothing has adapted to it. We’ve…

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The Yellow Fever Find ?>

The Yellow Fever Find

It has recently been reported that picking up early signs of yellow fever, an infectious disease which can be fatal, could lead to a new treatment and better diagnosis. The journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases scientists looked at the effects of macaques, giving a control group the virus and the vaccine to compare results. They found that within 24 hours, 90 percent of the animals’ white blood cells or lymphocytes had been lost in all 20 animals. It’s a big…

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Is the Ebola Virus Really a Threat to the UK? ?>

Is the Ebola Virus Really a Threat to the UK?

The Ebola virus is spreading fast, and recently the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that the UK is undoubtedly at threat. Some argue that any travellers returning home from West Africa will develop symptoms when they return. That said the virus can only be contracted from bodily fluids so while it’s plausible it is rather unlikely that the UK will be hit by the shocking disease. The symptoms of the virus include fever, headaches, joint and muscle pain and lack…

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Herbal Medicine To Heal The World ?>

Herbal Medicine To Heal The World

There is no illusion that the health care industry (more specifically the pharmaceutical industry) is one of the biggest markets in the world. Most large pharmaceutical companies have more power in the world than some countries, because of this there is a supply and demand marketing manifesto for products we think we need for “symptoms” we may have. We are led to believe that there is no other options for health. What these big corporations forget is that we as…

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How Has the Boeing 777 Still Not Been Found? ?>

How Has the Boeing 777 Still Not Been Found?

There’s certainly been a lot of publicity over the last week for Malaysia Airlines, and not for the fight reasons. A missing Boeing 777 container 239 passengers has completely disappeared, and you’d think with all of the world’s modern technology that there would be some sign of wreckage. It is definitely one of the most baffling mysteries ever, and many people are making a connection to the Bermuda Triangle. There has also been a connection to terrorism because 2 passengers…

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